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Stock / Sales management Application


Thomas Santoro, Aymeric Jakobowski, Pierre Shreiner and I had to develop a management/sales app that would be suitable for a company. We had just 2 weeks to do it, and there was a lot to be done: the program in itself, the adaptation into a GUI app, the unitary tests and much more. The technologies we had to use were Java and JavaFX.

The Implementation

There were four different big parts to do: The clients, articles and stocks parts first, then the lists to keep track of the cart of the buyer. I mainly worked on the last three parts with the help of Pierre Shreiner, one of my mates. The other two, Thomas Santoro and Aymeric Jakobowski, worked on the Client part as well as some management class assignment we had to do.

Transformation into a GUI

At this point, we had a console app, but it was not very user friendly. We then logically had to transform it into a Graphic User Interface to improve that. There were multiple views that were all linked together. With the help of buttons and listboxes, we managed to display all the required data and functionalities we programmed earlier.

How it works?

When you launch the application, you will find yourself in front of a GUI that will let you select which part you would like to access: clients, stocks... Afterwards, you will have menus that will open up, which will let you choose whether if you want to see the current data, if you want to add, update or delete data and so on. You could also select how you would want the data to be sorted. As a whole, the app is quite complete, especially for first year students.

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