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During my first year at university, I had learnt Python and PostgreSQL. While I was in holidays, I wanted to experience a bit and to use what I had learnt at school on a real project.

Working environment

In order to do this project, I had to familiarize myself with the 'psycopg2' python library for the database as well as the 'py-cord' library for discord. The project was not long in itself but it took me a very long time to get each functionality working as there was a lot of bugs related to Python and the database.


The bot's use was to add a currency to a server which you could earn by winning community events. Staff members would give the currency to whichever user won the event with a private command. After earning a good amount, the users could purchase perks within the discord server.


The bot was hosted on a cloud and later on my Raspberry PI. I did not get to use it much, but it still was a great project to work on as it taught me a lot of things. Those ranging from the use of 'async' and 'await' in Python to the use a database in a programming language. I later on learnt those topics at university, and it felt relatively easy for me compared to my classmates as I had already experienced the topics throughout this project.