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Fractals Generation


In the Quality Development course during our third semester, we focused on improving the clarity of our code. During the course we discussed design patterns, and our goal was to be able to implement them within our programs.


Initially, we had to code the mathematical formulas in Java. It was relatively unproblematic except for the few design patterns we had to use, such as an iterator for example. The biggest issue we faced was regarding Sierpinspki fractals as we needed to use recursivity. Eventually, Aymeric made it for us. My responsibility was to code the complex points and their representation in plans, as this is what we used to represent the fractals.

Creating the images

To generate the fractals, we needed to create graphic representation for them. We made classes that would do this for us, using a few adaptors as well as a builder to do that. After launching the program, we receive an image saved at the root of the project with the specified name.

Final Result

In the end we had two ways of creating the fractals: either using a test class or using bash programs made for each fractal. The user had the ability to choose the colours the fractal would have, the zoom, the size of the image and a multitude of other parameters which made every new picture wonderfully exceptional. It was a very difficult project, with its ups and downs (like me being sick and having fever for the whole week), but we made it, and that's what matters.

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