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For our PHP Exams, we were coupled with a group of multimedia students to make a website within 34 hours. The default theme was 'Numerical Art', so we chose 'French Numerical Art' for our website. We had to think about everything: The logo, the front/back-end ... Our team was made of Aymeric Jakobowski, Thomas Santoro, Clara Amador, Julien Fischer, Louis Legry, Alexandre Feraud and myself.


We, IT Students, started with back-end obviously. We created the CRUD of our canvas and made every feature we were asked to do, like sorting the canvas, the authors, allowing the logged in users to like canvas and so on. Furthermore, every logged in user can leave comments under canvas, and even post theirs in the community room.


To follow our French theme, we decided to go fully in and make it obvious that our website was primary destined to the French audience: Our logo contains the French flag in it, and we based our website on the French metro. Indeed, when you get on the homepage, you can see a metro that moves forward, and when you click on 'visit the exhibition' you get to see that metro a bit bigger as well as a few metro stops which lead to a themed room of our exhibition, just like 3D, or AI.

Final product

Thanks to the Multimedia team, we got a working website which looks great and contains a beautiful art gallery that follows the themes given. The website was not polished as we only had 34 hours, but the functionalities are there and the core of the design as well. Compared to some other groups, I'm convinced that we did a great job. To finish, I would like to thank my six team mates as it was really hard but we managed to pull through, and I am so proud of the final product.

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