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My first website


At the end of every semester, we have to make projects in groups to validate our skills. As we had HTML and CSS classes, we logically had to make a website. The project had to be made in groups of 3 and comported multiple tasks besides making the website. Unfortunately, one of my mates was quarantined due to Covid. Me and my other mate decided to split the work. I would focus on the website, while she would do all the other tasks we had.


We had to create an event organizer company and to make its website. Logically i'll focus more on the HTML/CSS part as it was my job. Besides that, we had to evaluate nearby market, to find a company name, to draw the logo, to create a graphic chart and so on. We deciced to create an escape game company, which would be specialized in creating completely new escape game for the customers. We also decided to focus mainly in fantasy theme, as it is a fascinating thing to create escape games based on movies, books or on just our thoughts.

The making

Due to the short amount of time we had and the lack of skills we owned, the website could not look as catchy as most of your favorite websites. We also did not learn anything JS nor PHP which limited our options. We had to do it fully in HMTL/CSS. Our website had most likely 2 designs : we had the homepage which was really different from the others. It needed to hit on customers's eyes and to convinced them to buy our product. We opted for a background picture and a few catchy sentences to present our other pages. On the other side, the other pages were quite simple, mainly being purple with text to communicate with our potential customers, while of course following our graphic chart.

The final result

We logically had a quite simple website, but did we really need more? We had 6 pages : The homepage, the contact form, the products page, the about us page and the price page. Our website was fully responsive and comported a navigation bar, a footer and obviously content. It was a really important project for me as it made me like programming website as it was an obscure world for me before. Thanks to my friends, I received many tips that made me improve a lot and which grew my HTML/CSS a few steps ahead. I am really proud of this first Computer science-related project, as I will for sure build more websites, whenever I will get the opportunity.

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